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Why Partner With Researched Nutritionals®?

Our products are targeted to meet the demanding needs of your toughest patients.  An ever growing number of our products have been studied at major universities and research centers, verifying clinical markers to provide you and your patients with unsurpassed efficacy.

Due to product complexity and potential lab testing you may need to run on patients to aid in appropriate product selection, our products are available only through licensed healthcare professionals.  Our goal is to have knowledgeable and experienced doctors prescribing the most appropriate products to their patients, saving patients money and improving their health outcomes.

As a registered physician with Researched Nutritionals®, you will have access to the following materials:

Product Training – We are continually developing new training material for our physicians.  These training materials are a combination of webinars and presentations at medical conferences (i.e. IFM, ILADS) which we record and post on our site for later reference.  We also post PDFs of the corresponding slides, which can be downloaded and reviewed at your convenience.

Protocols – Protocols are available for you to review and incorporate in your overall treatment plans. These suggested nutritional recommendations often serve as a starting point for integrating multiple products into a patient-centric plan.

Educational Articles – Our website has a vast library of educational articles helping to keep you up to date on the latest research and news.

Research Studies – You are welcome to review product research and download product sheets and related information.

We also have many other resources which you will find helpful, including product dosing guides, which offer physicians a quick reference when advising patients, and nutritional strategies for dealing with Herxheimer reactions.

To register, click on the link below and complete the short registration form. Be sure to email a copy of your license to [email protected]  or fax your license to 805-693-1806.  Our approvals department will review your application and get back to you as quickly as possible.

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