Our Story

I founded Researched Nutritionals® with the vision to prove product efficacy so practitioners and patients would know precisely what to expect from our formulations.

We leverage multiple mechanisms of action to support complex health challenges and key areas of health and back our finished formulations with peer-reviewed, published clinical research. These aren’t internal research or “white papers” – we insist on research that is rigorously conducted by third-parties and universities where the studies are peer-reviewed and published in reputable medical journals.

We’re the only company dedicated to peer-reviewed, published clinical research and we’re committed to providing practitioners and their patients with an unparalleled customer experience.

I’d love to hear from you and how our formulations have performed for you or if there is anything we can do to serve you further.

Dennis Schoen Founder + CEO

Product efficacy backed by research

Research defines us. It’s our culture. Research is everything to us because when it comes to patient health, facts matter. Thats why we’ve conducted numerous peer-reviewed published research studies to prove product efficacy and mechanisms of action.

We remove the guesswork in regard to product performance so that practitioners and patients know what to expect.

Completed research studies include:

Tri-Fortify® – Clinically researched liposomal glutathione*
Tri-Fortify® is a clinically researched liposomal glutathione in a delicious oral delivery system. Research indicated significant increases in intracellular glutathione levels, as well as support for healthy NK cell function and oxidative stress levels.*¹

CytoQuel® – Powerful, clinically researched support for healthy cytokine function*
CytoQuel® is a comprehensive blend to promote healthy cytokine function. Research showed statistically significant evidence of support for healthy cytokine function, blood pressure, and sleep quality.*2

ATP 360® – Clinically researched support for mitochondria*
ATP 360® is a multi-faceted formula to support mitochondria. Research demonstrated ATP 360’s ability to support mitochondria, energy, mental functioning, sleep, and cytokine function.*3

Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ – Comprehensive immune support formula*
Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ provides an advanced, comprehensive immune support formula, promoting healthy natural killer cells, macrophages, T-cells, and cell division.*

Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ has been the subject of multiple studies. The latest study is in the process of peer-review prior to publication.

BioDisrupt®- Comprehensive Microbial Support*
BioDisrupt® is a clinically researched formula with two proprietary blends: EnzymeDisrupt™ and HerbDisrupt™. These blends work synergistically to provide comprehensive microbial biofilm support by disrupting the biofilm matrix and inhibiting the formation of new biofilms.*

BDNF Essentials®- Clinically researched Neuroplasticity Support Formula*
BDNF Essentials® is a clinically researched comprehensive supplement that supports neurological health and cognitive function. This multi-ingredient formula has been shown in research to boost healthy cognition, nurture functional memory and support healthy cytokine and cortisol levels in the brain.

ATP Fuel®- Optimized Energy for Serious Mitochondrial Needs*
ATP Fuel® was formulated to promote healthy mitochondrial membrane function and maximize the Krebs cycle of cellular energy production. . The NT Factor® Energy portion of this product is our unique phospholipid (i.e. choline, serine and other lipids) delivery system which nurtures the body’s mitochondrial membrane repair process, promoting healthy mitochondrial function and healthier oxidative stress levels. The Krebs Energy Foundation™ features stabilized NADH and CoQ10 to maximize cellular energy levels.

Education & Clinical Support
Your patients are often battling multiple health issue simultaneously.  We offer collaboration with our on-staff integrative physician, as well as other educational resources to assist you in building comprehensive patient protocols.
Researched Nutritionals® Practitioner Partners have unlimited access to:
  • Free consultation with our on-staff physician, Dr. Debby Hamilton, MD, MPH, IFM Certified Practitioner (IFMCP)
  • Suggested Protocols
  • Educational webinars
  • Clinical Research
  • Product training modules
  • Clinical dosing guides
  • Product information sheets
  • Educational articles
Convenient ordering options with no minimums

With three ways to order, we make it easy for you to get the products you need.

Wholesale purchase
Purchase products at our practitioner price, stock them in your office, and sell directly to your patients.

Patient direct
Provide your unique practitioner code to your patient to allow them to order directly from us. Alternatively, we offer a patient recommendation feature. From the Practitioner Dashboard, create a recommendation to send your patient a message with the selected products. The message will provide a link so they can easily purchase from our website.

Drop ship
Place an order with us and have it shipped directly to your patient. You collect payment from your patient.

Industry-leading service and support

We provide premium products and unparalleled customer service. Serving practitioners at a level that surpasses our peers is key to our mutual success.

Functional Medicine Consultants
Functional Medicine Consultants across the nation are available to meet in person, provide personalized support, and offer guidance for using our products.

Customer Service
Our customer service team is empowered to support you without having to transfer you to a supervisor. They are trained to answer questions on our product line and if they do not have the answer, they will work with Dr. Hamilton to ensure you receive an actionable answer.