Tri-Fortify® – Clinically researched liposomal glutathione

Tri-Fortify® is a clinically researched liposomal glutathione in a delicious oral delivery system, providing superior cellular absorption. Tri-Fortify® is backed by peer-reviewed, published clinical research. Furthermore, Tri-Fortify® overcomes the common shortcomings of other glutathione supplements.

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Peer-reviewed published clinical research on Tri-Fortify®

Penn State University conducted a 2-week human study using Tri-Fortify® to assess changes in intracellular glutathione absorption (not just plasma levels). Researchers also looked at natural killer cell function and oxidative stress markers.

The study showed significant increases in intracellular glutathione levels after just 2 weeks of use, as well as demonstrating its ability to support healthy NK cell function and oxidative stress levels.*¹

[1] Sinha R, Sinha I, Calcagnotto A, et al. Oral supplementation with liposomal glutathione elevates body stores of glutathione and markers of immune function. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2018;72(1):105-111. doi:10.1038/ejcn.2017.132

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ATP 360® – Clinically researched support for mitochondria

ATP 360® is a comprehensive formula to support mitochondria and is backed by peer-reviewed, published clinical research. Using powerful, researched ingredients, ATP 360® provides targeted, effective support.*

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Peer-reviewed published clinical research on ATP 360®

Clinical human research has been peer-reviewed and published in Alternative Therapies May/Jun 2021 Vol. 27 No. 3 This human study demonstrated a number of statistically significant results showing ATP 360’s ability to support mitochondria, energy, mental functioning, sleep, as well as cardiovascular and cytokine function.*[2]

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CytoQuel® – Powerful, clinically researched support for healthy cytokine function*

CytoQuel®, backed by peer-reviewed research published in the Journal of Pain Research, is a comprehensive blend to promote healthy cytokine function. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its mechanisms of action in support of cytokine health. The result is a powerful, multi-ingredient formula that has been clinically researched and proven to support healthy, balanced cytokine function.*

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Peer-reviewed published clinical research on CytoQuel®

To demonstrate the efficacy of this formulation, CytoQuel® underwent an 8-week clinical human study. The published, peer-reviewed research on CytoQuel® showed statistically significant evidence of its ability to support healthy cytokine function, blood pressure, and sleep quality.* [3]

[3] Hamilton DE, Jensen GS. Pain reduction and improved vascular health associated with daily consumption of an anti-inflammatory dietary supplement blend. J Pain Res. 2019 May 15;12:1497-1508. doi: 10.2147/JPR.S189064. PMID: 31190960; PMCID: PMC6526776.

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Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ – Comprehensive immune support formula*

Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ provides an advanced, comprehensive immune support formula, promoting healthy natural killer cells, macrophages, T-cells, and cell division.*

Clinical research on Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™

Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ has been the subject of multiple clinical studies. These studies demonstrated beneficial increases in multiple immune functions, such as a significant increase in NK cell activity, cytokine response, and immune modulation.*

The latest study is in the process of peer-review prior to publication.

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BioDisrupt®- Comprehensive Microbial Support

BioDisrupt® is a clinically researched formula with two proprietary blends: EnzymeDisrupt™ and HerbDisrupt™.  These blends work synergistically to provide comprehensive microbial biofilm support by disrupting the biofilm matrix and inhibiting the formation of new biofilms.*

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of BioDisrupt® on the mass of specific biofilms and the metabolic activity within these biofilms.

Researchers’ Conclusions

“Treatment of established biofilm with BioDisrupt® resulted in biofilm-disruption, involving significant reductions in biofilm mass and metabolic activity for Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, and Staphylococcus simulans.”

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[1] Jensen GS, Cruickshank D, Hamilton DE. Disruption of Established Bacterial and Fungal Biofilms by a Blend of Enzymes and Botanical Extracts. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 2023;33:715-723.


BDNF Essentials®- Clinically researched Neuroplasticity Support Formula

BDNF Essentials® is a clinically researched comprehensive supplement that supports neurological health and cognitive function. This multi-ingredient formula has been shown in research to boost healthy cognition, nurture functional memory and support healthy cytokine and cortisol levels in the brain.

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The objective of this study was to investigate the efficacy of BDNF Essentials® on cognition in healthy adults with self-reported memory complaints.

Researchers Conclusions “BDNF Essentials® improved reaction time in measures of working memory, episodic memory, and attention, reduced biomarkers of stress, and [cytokine activity], and improved mood, and sleep.”

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[1] Lewis D. Erin, Crowley C. David, Hamilton Debby, Guthrie Najla and Evans Malkanthi*, An Open-label Exploratory Study Investigating BDNF Essentials® on Cognition in Healthy Adults with Self-reported Memory Complaints, Current Nutraceuticals 2023; 4 : e171123223619 .


ATP Fuel®- Optimized Energy for Serious Mitochondrial Needs

ATP Fuel® was formulated to promote healthy mitochondrial membrane function and maximize the Krebs cycle of cellular energy production. The NT Factor® Energy portion of this product is our unique phospholipid (i.e. choline, serine and other lipids) delivery system which nurtures the body’s mitochondrial membrane repair process, promoting healthy mitochondrial function and healthier oxidative stress levels. The Krebs Energy Foundation™ features stabilized NADH and CoQ10 to maximize cellular energy levels.

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