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Follow @RNutritionals on Twitter Researched NutritionalsĀ® has opened its Twitter account. We welcome you to stay abreast of the latest research and new produc... read more
ILADS Video - Mitochondria Function Presentation Dr. Nicolson, a renowned expert in mitochondrial research and lipid replacement therapy, spoke at the annual International Ly... read more
Dr. Burrascano's Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease Joseph Burrascano, MD is one of the most recognized doctors specializing in research and in the treatment of Lyme Disease. A... read more
Understanding Transfer Factor by Aaron White, PhD Aaron White, PhD, author of the book, "A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health" was published in a recent editio... read more
Chronic Lyme Patients Study Published April 1, 2014 Published in peer-reviewed PeerJ, this 3,000+ patient survey documents the quality of life of chronic lyme pat... read more
Increased Levels of EBV - New Info on CFS/ME March 10, 2014 A Long History
Although altered EBV-specific antibody titers have been repeatedly demonstrated ... read more
Low Vitamin C Linked to Stroke February 14, 2014 A new study finds a link between vitamin C depletion and increased risk for intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH)... read more
Mice Vaccine May Prevent Lyme Disease Transmission February 12, 2014 A new technology has been shown to reduce the level of tick infection of Borrelia burgdorferi, the cause o... read more
Research: Lyme maybe Transmitted Sexually January 27, 2014 A new study suggests that Lyme disease may be sexually transmitted. The study was presented at the annual We... read more
Fibromyalgia Pain Reduced With Vitamin D Jan 17, 2014 The chronic pain experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers may see significant reduction thanks to the regular intro... read more
Polluted Air Linked to Autism Risk December 27, 2013 Pregnant women who live in smog-filled areas may be twice as likely to have children with autism, a new stu... read more
Stress an Important Factor in Fibromyalgia November 14, 2013 Stress can exacerbate the symptoms of fibromyalgia in females, Australian research shows. The study of 9... read more
New Research on Ticks Carrying Lyme October 17, 2013 Wisconsin has long been a hotspot for Lyme disease. But evidence is mounting of just how many deer ticks in ... read more
CDC: 300,000 Patients/Year Diagnosed with Lyme August 19, 2013 Each year, more than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to CDC, making it the most commonly reported t... read more
Upstate New York Vet: 20% of Pets Lyme Positive August 4, 2013 One in five pets tested at the Canton Animal Clinic this year have Lyme disease, according to Veterinarian Dr... read more
Lyme Disease Med in Short Supply June 9, 2013 Doxycycline, the drug that's considered "first-line" treatment for Lyme Disease, is in short supply - which is b... read more
Nanotechnology Lyme Testing in Development July 16, 2013 A group of physicists and biologists has developed a nanotechnology-based technique that promises to increase t... read more
Folic Acid May Ward Off Autism February 12, 2013 Taking folic acid supplements around the time of conception may lower the risk of autistic disorder in the... read more
New Lyme Disease-like Infection January 18, 2013, Paging Dr. House: There a new tick-transmitted spirochete in town, and this wily relative of the organism... read more
First Study on Birds as Hosts of Lyme Disease January 9, 2013 Researchers at the University of Coimbra in Portugal lead the first study on the role of birds as reservoi... read more
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