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We are a research focused company, starting with product development and ending with primary research studies demonstrating the efficacy of our formulations. Our products are formulated to meet specific health challenges. Doctors turn to Researched Nutritionals® for targeted solutions to complicated patient issues.


Research Focus  “Researched”, the first word in our company name, was chosen to communicate our research-driven culture. Read more

Product Focus  Our products meet specific needs.  Doctors partner with Researched Nutritionals® for the most advanced, researched-focused products. Read more

Quality Focus – We go beyond industry standards and cGMP’s to ensure product efficacy & safety. Read more

Service Focus – We have designed your customer service experience to meet the same exacting expectations we have of others. Read more

Featured Articles

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Understanding Transfer Factor by Aaron White, PhD- Aaron White, PhD, author of the book, “A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health” was published in… read more

Chronic Lyme & Antibiotics: Dutch Lyme Study- People with persistent symptoms associated with Lyme disease are unlikely to find relief from longer-term antibiotic therapy, according to a new Dutch study…read more

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